About Us

When it comes to running shoes, we all have similar questions no matter where we are in our running journey.

  • Which shoes to buy for the upcoming 10K race?
  • What are the best shoes that can support my foot?
  • Which are the shoes that can handle the longer distances I am planning to train for?
  • Which shoes fit my budget best?

Unfortunately the information on web is overwhelming, and lacks relevance to the specific needs we have.

  • A beginner in running, is probably looking for basic trainers for shorter distances
  • A runner with a structured training plan, needs shoes that work for both speed workouts and longer distance runs
  • If a runner already knows which shoes to buy, the need is to find the best deal

Our objective at ShoeGeeks is to bring relevant content such as shoe buying guides, shoe reviews, and shoe deals to the running community of India. Our shoe guides and reviews are shared by experienced runners, who have run 100s of kms in those shoes, and understand the nuances of running shoes such as heel drop, cushioning, bounce, etc. The prices we show get updated every day to bring to you the best deals available in the market. We are also building community around running shoes, where you can share your shoe experiences and ask questions.

So go ahead and experience ShoeGeeks. For any suggestions, contributions and collaborations get in touch with us at [email protected]